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Violinist Playing Near Pyramids

POWERFUL Compositions by Stephanie Quinn

Stephanie Quinn’s life is her muse.

Her life makes her passionate, brave, resilient, and kindhearted. She brought Israelis and Arabs together in Jerusalem. In Egypt, she was granted official permission to spend the night inside the King’s Chamber to record her first album, SAQQARA SUITE (Inside the Great Pyramid). This music came forth while exploring temples in Egypt, especially Saqqara, the ancient site of sound healing. The resonance of the chamber inspired Stephanie to use innovative bow techniques and creative intonation, while her training at the Eastman School gave her the ability to orchestrate three of the movements for her album.

Kay Larson - author of Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists,
responds to SAQQARA SUITE: “It’s magnificent! Wow, so beautiful! Elusive, too, and exhilarating and spooky. I love this channeling violin. This CD is now my favorite car-travel soundtrack. It seems to condense so many feelings about space and time and distance (temporal, linear, imaginative). The acoustics are surreal.”

After mastering Ms Quinn’s album, two times Emmy winner composer, and Grammy nominated Master Engineer, Tom Spahn concludes, “This music is like a compass carrying the listener to the center of pitch. Stephanie brings to pitch what Heifetz brings to music.” New York City, NY

From Juilliard Violin Professor Felix Galimir "…recording in the pyramid. It certainly is very impressive, the sounds very interesting, unusual and exciting. Where did you get this idea?? You are quite a girl!! Lots of good luck and success to your enterprise, and many more!"

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About Saqqara Suite

In 2007, three ensemble scores from this album were favorably reviewed and submitted to the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs for consideration to be performed as part of the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics (if Chicago had won its bid to host the games). This trilogy contains a dramatic narrative that shows humanity's right to free expression, the struggle to overcome prejudice, and a solution for deeper understanding.

"Echoes of the Past — This album is chilling, soothing and often exciting. The reverberations of the Great Pyramid, where it was recorded, bring to Stephanie Quinn's music and performance the eerie feeling one is being projected from a very distant past. For me, one piece in particular (Nomadic Hymns) I find to be not just absorbing, but exciting. Other pieces such as parts one and two of Oneness are creatively stunning. A well-deserved round of applause to Stephanie."
Peter Manera Manse, Fitchburg, MA

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Song and Dance
Music and dance are the universal languages that break down barriers. They activate the loving impulses of our hearts and are essential for harmony and peace.

"Ms. Quinn's pyramid CD so inspired my dancers that I decided to choreograph a large section of the piece. It was performed at a peace concert in Wilmette, Illinois and received a standing ovation."
Mary Ann LaJoie - Choreographer

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Egyptian Inspiration...

By Myrna Petlicki

Composer Stephanie Quinn was touring Egypt with a group of musicians. The Wilmette resident knew that the chamber in the Cheops Great Pyramid had a seven-second reverberation, and she was positive that would inspire some unique music. Quinn arranged to spend the night inside the pyramid with several other people.


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Armed with her violin, a tape recorder, candles, and gum, Quinn was ready for the adventure facilitated by the leader of her tour group. It seemed like a great idea, until she discovered the other people had changed their minds.

The tour leader opened the door for Quinn.

"I went through all the tunnels to get up into the King's Chamber, carrying my stuff with me," she recalled. "I started doing these sound checks and I heard this big slam. I didn't find out until the next morning, that I was locked in."

Quinn admitted that it took her some time to get her bearings.

"I don't think there was anything significant musically coming out of me until the last 45 minutes," she said. Although she created songs throughout the tour at various sites, Quinn said that her night in the pyramid "was an opportunity of a lifetime."