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Find a performer and music instructor in Asheville, NC

Take private piano lessons from Stephanie Quinn—an experienced piano teacher in Asheville, NC. Her private instruction helps make the student-teacher connection that would not happen during a group or large class setting. She can offer different teaching styles according to what a student needs.

Contact us today to hire our private music instructor. Here are some other benefits you can expect when you hire Stephanie Quinn as your piano teacher:

Prevent Bad Habits

Stephanie Quinn can catch your bad habits in the early stages. She'll ensure that you are practicing with the appropriate technique and prevent you from developing bad habits in the first place. This can significantly improve your piano playing over the long term. Whether you have played piano for a while or are just starting to learn, working with Stephanie Quinn can help minimize your bad habits.

Learn a New Approach

As a piano teacher, Stephanie Quinn knows multiple approaches to help you learn piano more effectively. She'll use a specific approach that better suits your requirements. This can provide you with the most effective strategy for learning, depending on your unique learning style and piano-playing experience.

Get a New Perspective

It's difficult to detect patterns or problems with your piano playing when you listen to it independently. Working with our piano teacher gives you a new perspective on your skills. We'll work to help improve your performance. Contact us today to hire Stephanie Quinn.

Offering Violin and String Ensembles for Weddings and Parties

 Stephanie Quinn personalizes the music to fit her client’s preferences and make their important day even more special.

Creating the Ideal Set List

Whether the wedding is intimate or grand, we have the ideal musical solution for each client. Stephanie Quinn plays a diverse range of genres, from popular to classical, depending on the client’s preferences. As a professional pianist for wedding ceremonies, she tailors the music to create a memorable event with different kinds of performances, from soloist to quartet. Depending on the venue and size of the event, a soloist, duo, trio, or quartet will arrange an unforgettable live performance. Reach out with your ideas and songs so that we create a set list based on your favorite tunes.

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