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Experienced Online Music Teachers in Asheville, NC

Ms. Quinn's Music Training: 

• Defines Individual Expression

• Refines The Character

• Divines The Mind

Stephanie Quinn Music is an innovative resource for online music education. Our online music teachers in Asheville, NC, will help you increase your musical expertise by providing online piano, violin, fiddle, and viola lessons. Contact us to schedule online or in-person classes if you seek a private music instructor

Aside from teaching online piano lessons, we also perform at weddings and special events.  

"I am a serious though amateur cellist. I've played with Stephanie several times when she lived near Chicago. Stephanie is a terrific teacher. Her ability to provide nuanced suggestions on interpretation and the biomechanics of playing both bowed instruments and piano is really quite extraordinary. She is really sensitive to the student's chemistry and seems to know how to instruct both children and adults in a supportive, non intimidating way. In addition, she's an international level concert violinist and pianist, so students can hear what the end goal of their efforts might sound like. If you have a chance to study with Stephanie, run, don't walk to her studio, in person or online."
- Wayne A. Benjamin (recovering cellist)

Competition Preparation (on-line instruction)

"Stephanie helped my younger one prepare for competition. She was highly skillful, supportive yet strict. Initially, my girl was a bit nervous to work with Stephanie because of her high reputation. Stephanie was very kind and fun, using metaphors to help my 10-year old understand the music. She not only helped my child overcome barriers to master the music, but also shared much practical advice for international level competition. We did not expect this, but my 10-year old won the first prize and invited to perform in Carnegie Hall, New York. Highly recommend Ms. Quinn!" 

-  Hui F. Boston, MA

Masterclasses: Beginners Through Advanced

Watch her teach

Stephanie Quinn has decades of experience judging competitions and teaching violin, viola, piano, and singing. Ms. Quinn was conservatory-trained and later learned the Suzuki teaching method. She is fluent in both.

Stephanie's holistic and joyful method incorporates movement, poetry, and visual arts. Her online students progress at the same rate as her in-person pupils. Her teaching space is in North Asheville, North Carolina.

"Ms. Quinn teaches my daughter (age 9) violin and my son (age 11) piano.  She has been teaching them for four years and counting.  My daughter loves playing the violin.  It really benefits her to have a violin teacher who also plays the piano and is so versatile in her skills to assist her learning.  She is a rare teacher who can combine a fun kid-sense of humor in her lessons with serious attention to technique and musicality.  My son is a reluctant musician compared to my daughter, and shy, but because of Ms. Quinn’s meticulous preparation (including her monthly masterclasses where her students perform for each other) he ends up playing wonderfully at his recitals, which boosts his confidence.  As someone who has advanced music training myself (flute), I can testify that Stephanie is a master teacher, especially good for students aspiring to advance their training and wanting to audition for youth and symphony orchestras.  Thanks Stephanie for all you do!"
- Carolyn R.,  Asheville

Why Study Music?

Let Her Tell You

Success Story: Blind Student Performs

One of Stephanie's very accomplished students was the late Edward Kanan. Even being blinded by diabetes, he won a gold medal skiing at the Special Olympics just before meeting her in 1989. They found a way to work together to pursue his next dream. After about six months of piano lessons, he performed a Bach Prelude from The Well-Tempered Clavier on piano for his church congregation.

Instruction covers sight-reading, performance, improvisation, theory, ear training, competition, and audition preparation. Contact Ms. Quinn for voice, viola, violin, and piano lessons.

Learn Advanced Techniques 

Her students win competitions and scholarship awards, including the Governor’s Scholarship at Interlochen and the First prize honor at the Crescendo International Competition. Ms. Quinn is trained in the Alexander Technique and applies it in her music lessons.

Music Note - Online Music Lessons in Asheville, NC

Stephanie Quinn - Online Music Teacher in Asheville, NC

Speaking Engagements

Stephanie Quinn is available as a public speaker. Topic list available upon request. Stephanie gave a guest lecture on her Saqqara Suite at Columbia College Chicago's Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences. She also spoke at Illinois Music Teachers Association. Her topic: "The Truth About Rhythm - You Can't Beat It." Learn about rhythm, pitch history, and even a polyphonic singing excerpt!


The Truth About Rhythm - You Can't Beat It

Complete lecture in three YouTubes..... Here are the links:

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