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FAQS for Weddings and Special Events.

Q: Will you help me choose music selections?
A: Yes, if you don’t have specific song requests, I help with the music design. In our consultation, included in our contract, I ask specific questions about you and your guests. With this information, I recommend inclusive music, so everyone’s memories will linger years later. I'd say, this is my specialty!
Q: Will you accompany a singer I provide?
A: I am an accomplished pianist and organist, and well able to rehearse and perform with your vocalist. If you prefer strings, I will compose a duo, trio or quartet arrangement of your song, to be used to accompany your singer. I also can suggest a vocalist colleague if you’d like.
Q: How much do you charge?
A: Our fees depend on many factors. Please go to the contact page and send me a request, filling out as many details as you know right now.
Q: How do I know if we need a string soloist, duet, trio or quartet?
A: It depends on the location of where we will perform. If you want mostly pop, jazz or rock, you will need at least three performers. Indoors? Outdoors? How many guests? We can discuss all of this when I have more details.
Q: What is your basic wedding ceremony package?
A: Our basic package is 75 minutes and includes prelude and processional songs, a candle-lighting or sand-mixing song, and recessional music. If you’d like us to stay longer for pictures, cocktail hour, or reception, we can play jazzy upbeat songs.
Q: What do you require at venue?
A: Armless chairs, always. Additionally, if outdoors, we like a location away from direct sun. For most beautiful tone, heaters are necessary if temperature drops below 65 degrees. If I come as soloist, I can play in direct sun using my weather resistant concert solo violin.
Q: Do you attend wedding rehearsals?
A: We generally do not attend rehearsals. I will arrive 30 minutes before our contracted time to discuss with coordinator or officiant any last-minute details. Be assured we will arrive prepared to flow with the emotions of your wedding, and amplify it with our music.
Q: How do musicians dress?
A: We dress in concert black unless otherwise requested.
Q: Do we need to meet with you?
A: It is not at all necessary. We work everything out via email, phone, or Skype.

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