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Learn core music fundamentals and meta-skills that will carry on throughout the rest of your life. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Stephanie Quinn has decades of experience teaching violin, viola, voice, and piano. Ms. Quinn was conservatory trained since age 10, and later became a Suzuki teacher so she brings the best of both worlds together in her holistic and joyful method. Her online students now progress at the same rate as her in-studio students. She works with you on sight-reading, performance, improvisation, theory, ear training, as well as competition, and audition preparation.

"Ms. Quinn teaches my daughter (age 9) violin and my son (age 11) piano.  She has been teaching them for four years and counting.  My daughter loves playing the violin.  It really benefits her to have a violin teacher who also plays the piano and is so versatile in her skills to assist her learning.  She is a rare teacher who can combine a fun kid-sense of humor in her lessons with serious attention to technique and musicality.  My son is a reluctant musician compared to my daughter, and shy, but because of Ms. Quinn’s meticulous preparation (including her monthly master classes where her students perform for each other) he ends up playing wonderfully at his recitals, which boosts his confidence.  As someone who has advanced music training myself (flute), I can testify that Stephanie is a master teacher, especially good for students aspiring to advance their training and wanting to audition for youth and symphony orchestras.  Thanks Stephanie for all you do!"
- Carolyn R.,  Asheville

Learn Advanced Techniques and Fundamentals

Her students have won competitions and scholarship awards including the Governor’s Scholarship at Interlochen. She trains in the Alexander Technique, which she applies to training fundamentals.

Master Class
Join Stephanie Quinn in her monthly master class for an opportunity to practice performing, play in ensembles, or enjoy an interactive workshop.

Music Note

Why Study Music?

Let Her Tell You

Music is a language that cuts through many boundaries of diversity. It is widely known that listening to live music refines the intellect, as well as translates and transforms the emotions. Learning to read and play music notation has proven to raise a person's IQ, help with math and reading, and improve SAT scores in high school. Many older adults study to keep their minds sharp because even amateur chamber musicians live longer.

Success Story

One of Stephanie's very accomplished students was the late Edward Kanan. Even being blinded by diabetes, he won a gold medal skiing at the Special Olympics just before he met with her in 1989. They found a way to work together to pursue his next dream. After about six months of lessons, he performed a Bach Prelude from The Well-Tempered Clavier on piano for his church congregation.

Teaching Videos

"Stephanie is extraordinary! I never gave it any thought that it would be possible to learn such a complex instrument as violin via Skype. To find someone as professionally trained as Ms. Quinn is very challenging in of itself. However to have someone of her caliber teach my daughter from many miles away in the comfort of our home is truly amazing! Stephanie is very patient, observant, extremely knowledgeable and a talented teacher. It is quite a luxury to work with her and I highly recommend her. If you are hesitant to try her online lessons I would suggest you at least give it a chance; you will be pleasantly surprised."
-  J. Brooks  San Antonio, Texas

Stephanie is Speaker

Speaking Engagements

Stephanie Quinn is also an inspirational speaker, with many musical stories of the heart to share with her public. Stephanie gave a guest lecture on her Saqqara Suite at Columbia College Chicago's Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences. She also spoke at Illinois Music Teachers Association. Her topic: "The Truth About Rhythm - You Can't Beat It". Scroll below to video the complete lecture or click on the three videos to watch on YouTube.


The Truth About Rhythm - You Can't Beat It

Complete lecture in three YouTubes..... Here are the links:

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Part 3/3